The 67th Cannes Film Festival poster & Federico fellini’s 8½

Herve Chigioni and his graphic designer Gilles Frappier have based the poster design for the 67th Festival de Cannes on a photogram taken from Federico Fellini’s 8½, which was presented in the Official Selection in 1963.

"The way he looks at us above his black glasses draws us right in to a promise of global cinematographic happiness,” explains the poster’s designer. “The happiness of experiencing the Festival de Cannes together.”

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Alright Folks This is it ….'It's Okay with Me.'

An Online Poster Exhibition Based on Robert Altman and his Films Is Officially Up.

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Only God Forgives (2013) - dir. Nicolas Winding Refn | Denmark, Thailand

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Holy fondant, batman!  This amazing rendition of A Clockwork Orange won best dessert that could be mistaken for a book (or movie poster for that matter).  Great psycho-candy-color-job, Rachel LaBozetta.  As you can tell,  folks could not wait to dig into that cake!


Love it! #TheGreenInferno GIFs from the teaser trailer!

Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno Trailer 

Filmed on location in the rainforest of Peru, the native tribe featured in this motion picture has never been filmed before.

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Ed Sheeran


Behind the scenes of Enemy with Denis Villeneuve and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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A kind of magic…


A kind of magic…

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